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I'm Bharti, a highly experienced HR Business Partner and Independent Consultant and I have been providing HR services for small businesses and SME’s for 10 years following a career change in 2010 and the set up my HR company, BHR UK Ltd in 2013.

Human Resources can be quite a ‘stuffy’ subject, but it is crucial to the success of any business. Where you have people – you will usually have a need for some form of employment advice or HR support, at some point. That’s why I think it is so important to offer today’s businesses the chance to have the expertise of a professional HR consultant, without being part of the headcount or payroll. As a freelance HR provider, I am regarded as a great alternative to a lot of my clients.

My background as a Scientist and Operational Manager has given me a wide range of skills that I use to the advantage of my HR practice. Whether it’s my inquiring mind and love of using data to tell a story, or my experience as a manager, implementing the policies and procedures I now advise on, I bring a breadth of perspective that my clients say sets me apart.

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Think of me as Emergency Services for your business!

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My Story

Lots of people are curious about my career history and why I made the transition from Laboratory Manager to HR Consultant.

This video, which was recorded at a networking meeting probably won't answer all your questions, but it'll give you a good idea about my 'story' and hopefully a few laughs along the way! 

I really enjoy making new connections so if you have a networking group you think I might want to come to or if you'd like to meet for a coffee (on me of course) just give me a shout. 





I get to the nub of issues quickly using my skills with HR systems and analytics, which ultimately means I get things done fast, especially on time-critical projects.

Building relationships

I’m great at developing strong relationships with the key stakeholders so we can agree priorities and drive change, through my expert HR advice.

HR can be fun!!

I make HR training fun and enjoyable, so that it becomes a positive, lasting learning experience.


I have developed my experience across the whole HR spectrum, operating as an independent consultant with leading organisations (see my case studies page). 

Strategic and Operational HR support

My strong track record of enabling organisations, teams and individuals to meet their strategic and operational objectives and coaching them through the full range of HR disciplines, is impressive.

Q&A with Bharti

I am very much a people person and it’s really important for me to have that professional and friendly spark with my clients, so here are a few things about me that you wouldn’t normally find out about your usual HR consultant!

Something I haven't answered? Then contact me today! 

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