Emergency HR Support

When the unexpected happens BHR is at hand to help provide you with the answers or to help you manage the situation.

Whatever your problem the HR Per Hour service can provide you with urgent HR support just when you need it at a fixed fee of £100 per hour.

Employee Absence

Perhaps John hasn't turned up for work for a week - without any explanation. You've heard he may have a job somewhere else and you want to dismiss him. 

Employee Grievances

Perhaps Joe has put in a grievance against her manager - what are you supposed to do? What do you say in a grievance hearing? What kind of action should you take? 

Disciplining staff

Perhaps Susan verbally attacked a colleague. You want to make clear that kind of behaviour isn't acceptable. How do you do that in a fair way? Can you just issue her a formal warning? How and why should you conduct an investigation meeting? 

Telephone advice

Perhaps you are able to handle your own HR but you need to talk things through with an expert - make sure you are on the right track. 

3d businessman is crushed by red crisis word

Book a one hour telephone fixed fee consultation now for £100. 


  1. Payment will be required in advance.
  2. Price includes an hour of time for you to discuss your problem and for BHR to understand what help you need. You will then receive a full response via email thereafter.


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