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Think of US as HR Emergency Services for your business!

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People and Processes

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Managing formal processes & HR emergencies

I can take care of your disciplinary, grievance, redundancy, restructures, exits, SA processes and TUPE processes - so don't panic when you come across a HR emergency! 

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Absence Management

From sickness to parental leave to jury service - I help ensure that you keep accurate records for your staff, but also that you understand how to manage and administer these processes. 

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Performance Management

Are you getting the best work from your staff? Managing performance is about looking after the people side of your business.

Happy Employees = more profitable businesses!

It really is that simple. 


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GDPR doesn't just apply to customer data. What staff data you collect, how you store it and what you do with it is also covered by the Data Protection Act 2018. Don't have the first clue? That's ok, starting with a data audit I will help you navigate this minefield! 


HR Databases

It saves you time, increases efficiency, accuracy and dramatically improves your reporting capabilities - so what is stopping you from implementing a HR system? I can help train you and your staff so you feel confident you know what you are doing. 

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Training and Coaching

Great managers and HR staff are not born, they are trained and coached! 

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale
  • Increased employee motivation.
  • Increased efficiencies in processes

Get in touch and I will help you access the support you need. 

HR Policies and documents

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Employment Contracts

Employment contracts legally define the relationship between your business and your employee creating a strong basis for protecting both your company's interest and the employee's specific role in the company. It is also a legal requirement! I know that contracts are full of jargon and that's why I endeavour to provide company-specific, tailored templates that you understand. 

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HR Policies and handbooks

Many business owners ask me do I need HR policies?” The simple answer is YES because you have people working for you. With human nature being what it is, employees will test limits and act “creatively” in workplace situations, so you need a strategy for developing, communicating and enforcing a set of policies and practices that comply with legislation and reflect your standards of acceptable behaviour.

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Guides, flow charts and Process maps

Policies should be simple, easy to understand and user-friendly BUT they sometimes miss the mark, because they need to be formal documents designed to instruct users and provide legal protection to the organisation. Guides can be great for staff as you can give them informal advice, hints, and tips on the subject. Furthermore, process maps and flow charts provide a fantastic visual representation so you can quickly see how things should work. 


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